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There are two legislative arbitration acts that run parallel:

• Chapter 4 (CAP 4) of the Laws  and

• International Commercial Arbitration Law 101 of 1987 , as amended (hereinafter, Law 101/1987).

Law 101/1987 is the Cypriot adaptation of the 1985 UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, which applies exclusively to international commercial arbitrations (i.e., arbitration between parties who have their place of business in different states that pertains to matters arising from relationships of a commercial nature). All the mandatory provisions contained in the UNICTRAL Model Law were adopted verbatim by Law 101/1987, regulating only international commercial arbitrations. Otherwise, all other arbitral proceedings that pertain to, for example, purely domestic arbitrations are regulated by Cap. 4, which is based on the 1950 UK Arbitration Act.

Arbitration Institutions in Cyprus

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